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The World’s First Major City That May Run Out of Water Soon

Out of Water

Cape Town, South Africa is undergoing a catastrophic water shortage and ‘Day Zero’ may be April 22, 2018 but citizens are pitching in.  

New Water Map Helps Paint the Town Green

Cape Town has initiated a water-saving program where homes which use less than 10,500 litres of water per month receive a green dot.  The map is a transparent tool that will help reduce consumption to avoid Day Zero.  The government has asked all residents to do their part and citizens are pitching in.  There is now a widespread rationing of water.

Everyone Must Participate

Residents have been asked to restrict water usage to 87 litres per person/day.  This is about a 4-minute shower using a regular shower head.  If citizens don’t adhere to this rationing the taps may be turned off on April 22, 2018 as there just won’t be any more water to deliver.

Should this occur, Cape Town will be the first major city in the world to run out of water. Several years of drought have brought on the current situation which is so rare that it may happen only once in a millennium.  There definitely are wet years in Cape Town’s future however may not be as many as in previous years.

The Good News

Although the Western Cape of South Africa is expected to see less rainfall in the next years the drought won’t last forever.  Lower chances of wet years in this area have been brought on by climate change.  While rationing water may be the norm for the near future the city is searching for sustainable solution. 



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