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Top 7 Things To Do In Stockholm


Do you have time for a quick city break in Stockholm?

1. Boat Trip

Stockholm is a city on the water.  With 14 islands, a boat is a great way to see the sights.  You can see this city from either close to shore or head farther out to the islands archipelago.  There are boat tours to be found all, depending on how strong your sea legs are.

2. Fika

Do you know what Fika is?  It’s a part of daily Scandi life… coffee with cake.  Head to one of the many cafes and enjoy a large latte.  It’s as customary here as the siesta is in Spain.

3. The Old Town

The Old Town is located on the island called Gamla Stan.  Try one if the cafes on the main square and then try to squeeze into the narrowest street of the city, Marten Trotzigs Grand.  Graffiti decorates the street and it’s only 90cm wide!

4. Fotografiska

This gallery has featured the works of Annie Lebowitz and Patrick Demarchelier just to name a couple of famour artists.  It’s a great way to see what the local artists are doing and after you can enjoy a meal upstairs while taking in the waterside view.

5. Go Downtown

Normalm was originally a poor town but has been tranformed into a trendy zone with nightlife and great shopping.  Here you will find local businesses such as boutique hotels, bars, cool shops and restaurants.  Enjoy the boutiques along Biblioteksgatan.

6.  Enjoy The View

There are many great views to be found in Stockholm but the best is at Fjallgatan.  There are uninterrupted views of the islands from the cliff.  From here you can take in the impressive architecture of this Scandic city.

7. Mosebacke

This  neighboorhood has been the hub of the creative talents of Stockholm.  Try pizza and some craft beer at Omnipollos Hatt.  Some interesting shops to try are Butiken Republiken which sells vintage homeware and Snickars Records which has a great selection of vinyl.


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