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The Scientific Benefits of Love

Benefits of Love

There is now scientific proof of the benefits of being in a happy relationship. The scientific benefits of love will make you even more grateful for your partner.

Being by yourself also has its own upsides also of course. A University of California study suggests that singletons are sociable, more fulfilled and self-sufficient than many of their married counterparts. Science has proven though that there are great advantages to being in a stable and loving relationship.

We’re not talking about the beginning of a relationship when everything is dreamy but about long-term fulfilling partnerships. So, here we are talking about ‘happy’ couples.

Keep these seven scientifically proven benefits to being loved-up in mind the next time you feel annoyed by your partner…

1. Better Stress Management

Life is filled with all sorts of stress. Being in a loving relationship can help us cope with life’s stresses that little bit better. A study published in the journal Behavioural Medicine showed that couples who held hands for 10 minutes and hugged for 20 seconds had healthier reactions to the stress tests they were given. This was in comparison to couples who didn’t have any physical contact.
A University of British Colombia study showed that women who sniffed their partner’s scent were calmer. The smell of their partner had a surprising calming effect on them.

2. Reduced Risk of Depression

Strong relationships can help improve overall mental health. The University of Michigan did a study which showed that people in higher quality relationships had a smaller likelihood of developing future depression.
There is good news for singles too! These findings apply to all close relationships with friends and family too, not just your spouse.

3. Improved Heart Health

The matters of the heart do affect your heart. Women who are in happy marriages have a lower risk of heart disease than those in high-stress partnerships, according to a study by the University of Pittsburg. There are numerous studies that prove a happy relationship is directly related to lower blood pressure.
Another study published in the American Journal of Medicine concluded that men had a reduced risk of angina when they felt loved and supported by their partner.

4. Longer Life Expectancy

Many studies show that married people tend to live longer. Married couples have a 10-15% lower risk of premature death according to a study by Cardiff University.
Another study showed that those who never marry are twice as likely to die early than those who were in a relationship or divorced.

5. Increased Self-Esteem

Having a supportive and loving partner generally makes most people feel better about themselves. A study by the University of Bern concluded that increased self-esteem is a positive result of being in stable and well-functioning relationship.

6. Better Sleep

Now, this may depend on whether or not your partner snores… But, according to scientists from Turkey, lying next to a supportive partner who they felt responded well to their needs helped people sleep better.
If your partner snores then find some treatment or a good set of earplugs but sleep together.

7. A Happier Life

A 75 year old Harvard Grant Study into happiness (the longest ever undertaken), came to the conclusion that good relationships keep us happier.

There are two pillars of happiness. One is love and the other is finding a way of coping with life that does not push love away.
So, whether you’re coupled or not, remember that it’s worth making an effort to strengthen your relationships and cultivate more love in your life. This really could be the secret to happiness, whether you’re doing so with a romantic partner, or your friends and family.

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