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Swearing is Healthy

Swearing is Healthy

It is a paradox. A swearing vocabulary meant to be used for expression of strong anger or frustration. Well, usually these words shouldn’t be communicated in any verbal or non-verbal ways. However, our society calls these words as bad, impolite and inappropriate language. Meanwhile, the science justifies it: swearing is healthy. Keep reading to know how a “forbidden language” can actually benefit us.

Benefits of swearing

The author of the book Swearing Is Good For You: The Amazing Science of Bad Language, Emma Byrne claims that swearing helps with stress management, pain, even team building. It also helps decreasing the level of aggression and physical violence. It’s important to point it out that swearing can easily provoke a laugh. Of course, it is related with expressing and camouflaging one’s feelings. Moreover, swearing can benefit in the expression of critical thinking and healthy disagreement with authority, gender/racial/ethnic inequality, social stereotypes, etc. Well, if all above mentioned facts aren’t your thing then you can count on enrichment of a personal vocabulary.

What lies beneath

It is scientifically proven that swearing is an outcome of our emotions. As Byrne explains, scientists categorize emotions into two main axes: valence and arousal. Valence specifies how enjoyable or not a sensation is. Meanwhile arousal measures how strong this sensation is. It is measured by heart rate and galvanic skin response like sweating palms, goose skin, etc.

Double standards

The double standard applies to the gender inequality. Research reveals that the society tends to judge a swearing woman much more that a man. An old-fashioned social norm expects a woman to express herself in a clean and right vocabulary, skipping all the bad words in order to prove that she is an appropriate employee or suitable candidate to become a wife. In a way it is associated with the obedience that was and still is expected from a female. Speaking about the current situation, even though a swearing woman leaves a stronger and more effective impression, she is taking a risk to be considered as “unstable and untrustworthy”. On the contrary, a swearing man is understood as a strong and powerful person, need to emphasise that it comes with a social status.

Do it right

So, when swearing keep it in mind that your tone of voice, timing, circumstances even your facial expression and gestures shape the impact and perception of your message.

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