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Make Your Move Easy with Being Barcelona

Being Barcelona

Being an expat in a new city is not always easy and it involves a lot of time and effort. This is where Being Barcelona can help! Their mission is to avoid the hassle for people that are coming to Barcelona. They will literally be your right hand and your local contact, and trust that they know the city extremely well and can help with any initial problems that could occur.

Relocation Services
We will make your adaption process smooth and guide you until you are fully installed. Choosing the right neighbourhood, finding the right apartment, contracting the best services for you, helping you through the “drive me crazy” bureaucracy. With our help, everything will go faster and we will save you a lot of time.

Concierge Services
A concierge service offers today’s most priceless commodity – your time!! Nowadays we all feel more pressure for time than ever before: Long hours at work, time with our families, and having a social life. There is less time for all the tasks we must do, often causing stress and anxiety. With our great experience and knowledge of Barcelona and all it offers, we will help you find the best package for your group or company.

Let us be the one to help you do the things you don’t have time to do yourself!

Contact Being Barcelona:
Phone: +34 635 805 797

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