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Private Homes for Busy People in Germany

Private Homes

If you are in Germany and looking to rent a temporary home or want to sublet your furnished apartment or several furnished flats, for a certain period, tempoFLAT is the perfect portal to do so. Private homes are easier to find and there are better places at less expense. You can also list your residence and place ads free of charge.

The inspiration behind tempoFLAT

“As we have been number 1 for Furnished Apartments and Temporary Housing in Switzerland for more than 25 years”, says Nik Kleiner, founder of tempoFLAT, “we wondered if our experience and business model would also work in Germany – and it did. Germany is not only intriguing for us because it is a completely different market and rental law.  But also quite a different business culture, which makes it interesting for us. So interesting that we also started in Austria last year.”

Busy PeopleNik Kleiner, founder of tempoFLAT

Private homes for busy people

Most of the people who provide temporary homes are private people who leave for a certain time (round the world trip, job abroad, etc.). People who rent a place usually come for business reasons (project managers, financial or IT consultants, cultural projects, actresses, etc.). That’s why we say “Private homes for busy people”.

What is unique about the company?

“I think we are the only company for temporary furnished apartments that really focuses on private homes to sublet during an owner’s absence.” says Nik. “Other companies prefer professional business and service apartment providers, seeing as private sub-letters always have many questions and will only arrive once or a few times. It’s because they don’t go away for long periods of time each year. So, we are the specialists in making good sub-letters out of private individuals. Private homes have lots of advantages: they are more personal, you’ll find anything you need, they are (to at least one person) the most beautiful apartments in the world, and they are less expensive, as the majority of sub-letters only ask for the costs to be covered and do not charge for the furnishings, etc.”

If you’re looking for furnished apartments and temporary accommodation in Germany with expert advice and agency services, get in touch to learn more.

Contact tempoFLAT:
Phone: +41 31 381 00 60

Tempo Flat

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