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Pet Sitting your Furry Friends in Copenhagen

Pet Sitting

Founded by Zuzanna Rybarczyk in Copenhagen, High Paw! Pet Sitting gives you peace of mind knowing that your pets are in trust-worthy and reliable hands of professionals. The company is the only one of this kind in Copenhagen who offer such a diverse range of services for pet parents. Additionally, they support organizations committed to rescuing and caring for animals in need, donating 5% of proceeds to care groups who work hard to improve the lives of neglected animals in the community and abroad.

Inspiration behind High Paw!

“I’ve always been an animal lover and the idea of opening a pet sitting company came naturally when I started walking a few dogs in my free time while studying in Copenhagen.” Says Zuzanna. “Once launched, I started taking diverse courses in order to become a good and knowledgeable pet sitter. Some of the courses include first aid for pets, and pet sitting care for dogs and cats. Moreover, for over a year now I’ve also been studying dog behaviour and completed the ISCP course obtaining the title of a ‘Dog Behaviourist’. Nevertheless, I’m in the process of developing my skills in this field taking extra courses supporting behavioural work with dogs called ‘TTouch’, and traveling to South Africa, England, Italy and Taiwan to become a practitioner of this technique.”

Diverse range of services

The company offers private dog walking, cat sitting, overnight stays and boarding for cats and dogs, small pets boarding, and behavioural consultation for dog owners. All these services are individual and once they take on one dog or cat, they are focused solely on them. “We don’t have multiple animals at the same time while offering dog walking or boarding.” Says Zuzanna.

Pet Sitter

A second family for your furry friends

High Paw! offer their services to English speaking expats who move to Copenhagen with their pets and who are without friends and family to help them while they’re at work or on holiday. “We help dog and cat owners who are looking for individual care for their pets. And for those, who also want an alternative to kennels while going on holiday, avoiding the stress and effort of transporting them and being left on their own in a cage.” Says Zuzanna. “With High Paw! they can be sure their pets are in the hands of experienced professionals who are with animals every day and who know a lot about caring for them in the best possible way. Our mission is to become the second family for your furry friend!”

Contact Zuzanna to find out more.

Contact High Paw! Pet Sitting:
Phone: + 45 50 25 36 39

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