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An Online Gym for Busy, Ambitious Women

Online Gym

Hello there lovely,

Welcome to Bliss & Thrive

The online gym for busy, ambitious women to squeeze; fitness, nutrition and wellness practices into your busy life. Struggle finding time to get to the gym? Would you love a personal trainer, but you are never in the same place long enough? Do you need to find workouts that are quick and effective that fit into your schedule? Well don’t worry, I am here for you! Save time, save money and get the results you want by becoming a member of our tribe!

My name is Carys Andersson-Jones and I love helping women become fitter and healthier so that they can thrive!

The best thing about Bliss and Thrive is that you can workout from where ever you are! Perfect for women who are traveling or if you are in a new country. All you need is 10-20 minutes and a small space to create body and life that you want!

I can wait to have you in my tribe of kick-ass women from all over the world, taking control of their health and deciding to live in Bliss and Thrive.

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Bliss And Thrive

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