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Moving in Amsterdam is Not a Picnic in the Park

Moving In Amsterdam

When you move to Amsterdam, you may find some challenges along the way. This city is full of waterways and narrow streets and many buildings have narrow staircases which make your move cumbersome.

You must begin by getting a parking permit for the moving truck, if you would like it parked in front of your house. For this you will need a TVM. Applications for TVM’s can be made at the district office (in the Amsterdam district you are moving). There are 7 different district offices and they all have their own rules. Also, there are 2 different kinds of TVM’s. If you don’t speak Dutch, arranging the permits can be quite a challenge.


Another difficulty unique to the city are the poles in the streets. All over Amsterdam there are poles that block street entrances. These are the famous Amsterdammertjes. To unlock these, you need a special key that can be bought at a hardware store.  In the last few years additional locks have been placed on most of these poles. The key to this lock can be obtained at the district office of your particular district. You need to pay a deposit for this which will be refunded when you return the key.

Finally, we should address the narrow stairways in many of the old buildings. Most apartments in Amsterdam have typically narrow stairs. Getting your furniture up these stairs is quite an impossible challenge. In the old days, people used a hook and rope to pull the furniture in through the window.  Nowadays most of the hooks are so old that they are unreliable. So never try to get your piano up to your flat by hook and rope, or you will probably go viral on social media. The easiest, fastest and safest way to move your furniture is with an external moving lift.

Moving Lift
An external moving lift

If you’re looking for a reliable moving company that will take care of all the problems mentioned above, you’d better call Amsterdam Removal.

They move many households in Amsterdam every day.  The people at Amsterdam Removal know the way around applying for permits and removing poles. Of course, they also have a moving lift.

Contact Amsterdam Removal
Phone: +31 (0)20-8208252

Amsterdam Removal

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