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Marbella. For Many Obvious Reasons

You can call it a dream spot. Marbella is a well-known and extremely attractive destination for people all over the world. Pleasurable south weather, tasty Spanish-Andalusian food and its charming reputation attract many expats who want to relocate here (and some who have already done so). It is also worth noting that even the world’s famous faces and millionaires acknowledge Marbella as an engaging place.

No Question Why

At least 320 sunny days per year, which means there are plenty of opportunities to enjoy one’s time at classy white sandy beaches that are the main addiction on the Costa del Sol. This location is extremely popular among overseas property buyers. According to the statistics, close to 130 nationalities live in the region. On the west side of the port, other beaches like La Fontanilla Beach, Cabopino, Las Chapas or El Faro are worth to be discovered. Important note: the summer season starts from Holy week and finishes at the end of September.

Puerto Banús

This glamorous berth and its overall entertainment hub with a great variety of shops, bars and restaurants, is one of Marbella’s highly common areas to spend some leisure time. Surrounded by luxury yachts and gorgeous expensive cars, Puerto Banus is a charismatic place where the elite and other VIPs can be noticed daily.

Well-known faces

When it comes to the rich and famous, some well-known families and European aristocracy can be mentioned. Just for the better understanding about one’s life in Marbella let’s make it public. So, for instance, the Saudi Arabian Royal Family has built their residency here. Hollywood stars, American pop celebrities, politicians and other famous people like Hugh Grant, Mel Gibson, Lenny Kravitz. And moreover, Michelle Obama, Eva Longoria, Ivana Trump, Lord Alan Sugar, Simon Cowell, Kate Moss, Kelly Osbourne, and many others. They couldn’t resist this magnificent place.

Marbella Sea

The land or water?

For its stunning landscapes and pleasurable weather conditions, Marbella is an attraction for water sport and yacht lovers. But more than water, the land captures a great deal of attention because of its perfect condition for golf enthusiasts. Marbella can suggest a huge diversity of golf clubs and its supplements. And the golf courses are truly something incredible and eye-catching.

Do you need to speak Spanish before your big move?

Some say yes, some say no. It depends on individual expectations and circumstances. The knowledge of the Spanish language for sure will make one’s life easier and helps to adapt to local culture faster. Local residents are warm and welcoming, they will always appreciate foreigners’ efforts to speak their language. It is always good to make an extra effort and arrive with at least a small vocabulary or basics that could help you feel more comfortable when facing changes and diving into a totally new environment. Also, it is recommended to use each opportunity to communicate with people, watch local TV and listen to the radio, as well as trying to understand others. Immersing in Spanish culture is an important step of adaptation.

Last point

Marbella is a great spot for both short-term vacation or a long-term stay. And no matter if you are an upper class member or a simple mortal, everyone is able to find his or her happiness under Marbella’s sunshine.

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