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Keep Track of the Good Things in Life

When everything goes according to plan we experience times of euphoria. We are encouraged to reach for even higher heights when our dreams and desires are fulfilled. However, there are times when our world seems to crumble and things go wrong. It’s during these times we wonder if we will ever see the light of day. It’s at these times it’s important to keep track of the good things in life.

A continuous cycle

Life is always changing and is a continuous cycle of victory and defeat. Regardless of whether we are in a time of triumph or a time of defeat, savouring the excellent things will serve us well.

When Things Are on The Upswing…

When we look back at our achievements, or accomplishments, we get an extra shot of motivation to set bigger goals or aim for more targets. Each target we met acts as a conduit for harnessing self-esteem, giving us what we need to keep moving in a positive direction.

When we remember that some of our dreams did come true, we find that our spirits are lifted and we feel as if we can conquer the world. We expect nothing but the best and aim to achieve even bigger and better things.

If we expect to win and believe that we can cross any obstacle, we can condition our mind and body to accomplish the things we set out to do. This manner of keeping track of good things help propel us to success.

Let go of anxiety

Indulging in moments when we can let our hair down is beneficial to our physical, psychological, and emotional well-being. Meditating on the good things that have happened allows us to bask in tranquillity.

When Things Go Downhill

From time to time we hit a bump on the road. Sometimes, these are smaller obstacles but at times these are landmines in every direction. Our dreams and hopes seem suddenly unattainable.

At these times it’s easy to brood and focus on what could have been and exactly are the times when reminiscing on the good things that have happened in our life will serve us well.

Remembering positive things can serve as a quick pick me up. These can include memories of fun we’ve had, challenges we’ve overcome, and goals we achieve. It’s these positive thoughts that will quicken the beat of our hearts, recharge our minds, and encourage our souls to persevere.

Our past successes can stand as examples of the hopes and dreams that we can turn into REAL possibilities.

The Benefits of Positivity

Confidence, esteem, fulfilment, and pleasure are just some of the few benefits we get from the good things that happen in life. We should give thanks and be grateful for the good things that happen every day. Practicing this daily will help us to keep believing and not stray.

When things get tough and the world throws obstacles our way, they will remind us of what we can – and must – do to forge ahead into a brighter day.

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