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Italian driving peculiarities

Italian Driving Peculiarities

Italians are one of the best car manufacturers in the world. However, their driving skills are widely discussed. Public opinion suggests that Italians are  the worst European drivers.

How so?

Italians are among the top in the world for owning cars per capita, accordingly, the traffic accidents are numerous. Chaotic driving (fast line changing and braking while in the most cases disregarding the turn signals), anarchical parking, disrespectful behaviour with pedestrians, constant infringement actions against traffic rules are all very common on the roads.

In Italian cities an aggressive and fast-paced driving style can be found. Meanwhile, countryside traffic is more laid back. On the other hand, it can also feel annoying when a bus, that is going in front of you, randomly stops without a turn signal almost in the middle of the lane for the chauffeur to take a cigarette break.

How to survive?

Do these sound like insane driving habits? Maybe in a way they do. But small tips can help avoid disasters and stress while drawing in Italy:

          Try to be assertive as you can – confidence is very important. Italian drivers usually assume hesitation as a sign of not going forward. They will start go around you and that will make even more complicated to insert yourself in the traffic.

          Never ever pass the car in front of you on the right lane – the majority of Italian drivers don’t shoulder check when changing lanes to the right.  They assume that the car in that lane goes slower than they are going.

          Stop lights don’t present their original purpose in Italy. Usually local drivers take it as a caution mark, but it doesn’t mean they are going to stop or at least slow down.

          Don’t be lazy and fold your side mirrors in when you park on the street. Otherwise they might “disappear”.

          Italians use horns as a communication tool. Horns can be used to greet other drivers, alert them of danger, or prompt quick action at a stoplight.

          In general, keep your eyes open all times for scooters. They come in and out of traffic, very fast and usually appear out of nowhere.

          As the well-known local saying, that concludes the Italian driving peculiarity, goes “You watch your front, let everyone else watch your back”.

After reading this, its no wonder why nobody compliments Italians as consciousness drivers.

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