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Is Now The Time to Start Investing?

Is Now The Time to Start Investing

Alpine Atlantic Global Asset Management was started in 2007 and is today serving expat clients, as well as family offices around the world. Their specialty is that they work as a completely independent provider and therefore not selling any financial products. Instead they develop customized investment plans for clients and help them to find the right banking solutions and reduce banking related fees. Their approach to investing is a “Global Macro” approach, which means they make long-term investments in areas that are benefiting from very powerful economic trends and changes. A couple of themes they are covering right now are Cyber Security, Global Health Care, Growing Asia Consumer, and Robotics, just to name a few.

Daniel Zurbrügg is the founder and Chairman of the Board. Together with the team in Zurich, Switzerland, they are happy to serve clients from around the world and are proud of the relationships they have been building over the years. We asked Daniel a few questions about investment opportunities and how one can start or develop their portfolio.

How can you help expats with their investments?

Expats are globally minded people who know what is going on so we offer a portfolio which includes worldwide investments in some of the most interesting sectors. While this is a straightforward process, it is important to serve expats with banking solutions because they may find it challenging to find banks offering this along with wealth management. No matter where somebody lives, we build long-lasting relationships and guide our clients through the process and challenging market environments helping them with their investments.

The company has a ‘holistic approach’ to wealth management. What does this mean?

Holistic is the exact opposite from product selling, which is unfortunately today’s norm in private banking and investments. We are offering solutions and service rather than selling product. This is not only resulting in lower fees, but most importantly, better performance in the long run. The backbone of a holistic approach to wealth management are the relationships we are building. Only if we know and understand a client’s goal, can we develop a customized strategy that takes all the important points into consideration.

What advice can you offer people looking to explore new investment opportunities?

There are two most important things you need to look for. One is that you have somebody that you can trust and feel comfortable with. And two, somebody that can be a partner and give you investment advice that goes beyond a fund or an ETF. Whenever you explore investment opportunities you need to ask the question, “What global trend is driving this opportunity?” and “Is it long-term and is it sustainable?”

Why do you think people should be investing and when is the best time to start?

I think capital should always be invested and put to work. Sometimes, of course, it is important to be in very safe and defensive investments, at other times it pays to take a little more risk. With a well-established investment plan you should have a broad asset allocation, and within the individual asset classes there is always room for good investments. Always, always, look for an opportunity that is building positive relative momentum versus broader markets. This is usually a very good sign that an investment is developing a positive performance. The areas which we would recommend at the moment are global healthcare, cyber security, infrastructure and defense, and also global robotics and investments in Asian consumer markets. Over the next decade, more than 500 million people in greater Asia will rise to middle-class, something we have never had before in history. We believe this is a golden opportunity.

If you are interested in finding out more, please feel free to contact Alpine Atlantic for additional information.

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