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Interactive Learning at LanguageMasters

Interactive Learning

LanguageMasters (LM) is a language school in the heart of Zürich which offers an extensive range of language courses for adults, teenagers and children. The company specializes in providing high quality language courses with the option of daily childcare and the team are highly qualified language experts who know how to motivate students and make learning fun!

Teaching method

“Our teaching method is very interactive and fun” says Gosia Kubat, co-founder of LanguageMasters, “which means we don’t just use textbooks, but rather we learn outside of the classroom using everyday situations, for example sightseeing, baking, reading the newspaper or books and so on.

Our goal is to help with the integration of expats through improving their language skills and helping them with living in Switzerland. We are known for being a good-humoured team where you will always feel welcomed and supported – coffee and cookies included!”

Small Groups
Small groups

A broad spectrum of languages

Although 95% of expats are studying German or Swiss German with LanguageMasters, they also offer French, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Russian, Bosnian, Japanese, Greek and other ‘rare’ languages.

There are special workshops such as Swiss Culture Tour, Sight Speaking or Book Club, which are very popular too, and each student is met in person so they can guarantee to find the right course for them. Classes are small groups of just 3-6 students and the main focus is on 60% speaking!

What LanguageMasters are known for

Conversation, intensive courses and exam preparation mainly. 100% of LM students pass the German exams (from A1-C2 level) and they are part of the official certification centre for TELC exams. Another major service LM offers (and have experience in) is the preparation for the interview for a Swiss Passport. This entails helping students through the whole material including history, geographic and politics, and preparing them for the interview with the Gemeinde. This also includes preparing people for interviews in both German and English, and providing translations in many languages.

Family friendly

The school has a very special ‘family corner’ and an info desk, where you can go for information about the Swiss system such as health, school, migration, etc. They are extremely happy to help students with any information needed and also offer courses for kids, teenagers and play groups. If needed, childcare is also available so parents and even au-pairs can learn.

Teaching method

Multi-cultured team

“The big passion for languages, people and the cultural exchange was the reason to set up LanguageMasters!, says Gosia, “Our team is super multi-cultural with 20 teachers from different countries all excited about our philosophy and method, and we pass it on to our students and they love it!”

Contact LanguageMasters:
Phone: +41 43 534 48 17

Language Masters

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