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How did the Cruise Industry Reach its Prosperity?

The Cruise Industry

If you still think that cruise holidays are only for seniors, you are wrong. In comparison with the old-fashioned style, nowadays cruise ships remind us of floating cities with high-quality entertainment and services.

The current situation

The cruise industry changed a lot. Nowadays it doesn’t sound like a pensioners’ thing anymore. And the Symphony of the Seas is living proof – it is the largest passenger ship ever to be constructed. In addition, some current large cruise ships contain skydiving simulators, go-karting, bumper cars and ice bars, provide top-quality food services that meet land standards. Millennials and Chinese tourists have dramatically increased the number of guests on board: in the last year there were over 25 million people.

As the numbers reveal, many passengers are keen on repeating their adventure. As the industry experts claim, “ships are packed with the repeat customers”. Industry satisfaction ratings confirm that – usually the satisfaction is above 94%.

A crucial step

Fain was one of the first ones who saw an opportunity in the cruise industry’s image problem.

The cruise adventure was associated with “the newlywed and the nearly dead” participants. He realized that neither services, nor the whole concept were an issue. It was only a pure misleading public opinion. Fan has been in the cruising business since 1988 and his responsibilities are related to the “transformation of cruise ships from modes of transport to mega-attractions.” Symphony of the Seas is one of the well-known works of this man, including second-, third- and fourth-largest cruise ships in the world.

He initiated these extraordinary projects, because he had realised that the old-style cruise ships are not suitable to target the desired audience. He managed to match up services with the interior and exterior, recreating the feeling of “a natural, street-like hub for passengers”. For this and many other reasons industry-standard measurement was exceeded. Obviously, it was a very successful decision. Increased space lead to the involvement of the other type of entertainment and services, as was mentioned above – an ice-rink, climbing walls, water slides, etc.

Oversized boats won the worldwide recognition of their performance and appearance. That activated the competition among industry players. Everyone wanted to catch up and get their piece of the cake.  Gladly, the concentration was focused on making the best ship instead of the largest ship.

The technical side

North Atlantic storms, Baltic snow and blistering Caribbean heat must be taken into consideration when building these kind of floating monsters. Even though the weather conditions have great importance, the number of passengers and crew members shouldn’t be underestimated – “distributing attractions evenly across the ship is crucial”. For instance, if the ship has two theatres, they will be located at opposite ends. Or corridors, their width is based on the calculations that ensure the suitable flow of passengers during emergency situations.  Both cases are examples of Symphony of the Seas. How builders say, “The big part of building a ship, 85 per cent, is what we don’t see”.

Astonishing Symphony of the Seas

Symphony of the Seas belongs to Miami-based cruise line Royal Caribbean and is the number one recently built vest cruise ship around the globe. It made its first voyage in March 2018 and already has bookings until the end of 2019.

When you compare, the Titanic could be called only a little brother, the ship is 5 times bigger – 362 meters long in total! The cruise ship can accommodate around 9.000 people and has room for 40 restaurants and bars, including 23 pools and water slides, two theatres. Active people could enjoy an ice-rink, two climbing walls, a ten-storey fun slide, mini-golf. Or spend their savings in numerous amount of shops. And of course, other standard services and entertainment opportunities. In short, it is the largest new generation luxury floating hotel.

Symphony of the Seas

Final touch

The cruise industry is thriving nowadays. The improvement of size led the business in achieving and ensuring the long-term prosperity, especially because satisfied passengers want to come back and repeat the adventure. Indeed, when you think deeper, it is always about “bread and circuses.”

Featured image credit: Royal Caribbean/Symphony of the Seas


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