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My Expats World | Tailor Made Luxury Home Services in Lisbon

Home Services In Lisbon

Have you recently bought a home in the Lisbon area but are feeling overwhelmed or too busy to take care of it yourself? You would love an expert to manage things on your behalf, whether it means getting things set up, helping with home services, or even having 5 star concierge support. Home Services 4U (HS4U) does exactly that – offering tailor made luxury home services in Lisbon, catering totally to your needs.

HS4U was founded by 3 partners who for a long time were debating the need for such a service. They were frustrated by the low standard of existing companies in the market and wanted to create a better experience for their clients.

Relax while they take care of things

Clients are happy to use the company’s services as they want first class service for their homes away from home, or their primary home care. They want to be able to get on with their busy lives without worrying about needing to take care of their home. The benefits that clients get from using the service is the full understanding and fulfilment of their personal needs. There’s not a ‘one size fits all’, therefore the company designs particular services to fit each client depending on their needs.

Offering services for your every need

Many busy clients don’t want or don’t have the time to take care of the administration, maintenance, cleaning and other household functions. HS4U’s standard services for homes include:

  • Opening and closing house for non-residents
  • Safekeeping of keys
  • Overall cleaning maintenance
  • Home appliances checking and repair
  • House general maintenance (including small construction or revamping)
  • Care of personal clothes
  • Care of houseware linens
  • Pantry management according to customer’s list

Also, providing a range of luxury concierge services including:

  • Car maintenance and safekeeping
  • Rentals (car, bikes, boats, helicopters, planes)
  • Events planning and execution support
  • Travel and leisure desk.

Partnering with the best of the best

Partnering with a selected range of companies, each one of them represents the best of their expertise which enables HS4U to confidently recommend their services to clients. The standard services are provided by their own team managers who have been fully trained and lead a team of executers.

Whether you are an expat living or travelling to Portugal for a period of time or have a second home in Portugal, the company can help look after your needs. You may also be Portuguese yourself and work and travel abroad, but are needing help with looking after your home. Rest assured that HS4U can take the stress away by providing the very best care and service for you.

If this is what you need, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Call or email to speak with an expert who will find the right service for your individual needs.

Contact HomeServices 4U:
Phone: +351 964 280 248

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