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The Highest Educated Countries in the World

A Global Competitiveness Report is issued annually by the World Economic Forum. This report provides a set of rankings (well-researched) of all the countries in the world. There are a host of factors related to education which provide holistic scores for each nation. Consideration is given to things such as access to schools, tuition fees, diversity, school quality and educational attainment within the population. Below is a list of the highest educated countries in the world.

Nations are ranked in 4 key areas:


This quantifies to what extend a countries overall population has received education, or educational experiences.


Deployment calculates to what degree skills are accumulated and applied among the population in a given country.


The ability to adapt the country’s education to it’s population as the economy evolves.


Know-how measures how wide and deep a nation’s overall set of skills is.

1 Norway

Although Norway doesn’t rank first overall in any of the major areas, this Scandinavian country is very well balanced in many ways. Norway’s economy is booming.

2 Finland

Another Scandinavian country. Finland ranked just behind the top spot, but ranks number 1 in development.

3 Switzerland

Switzerland ranks in first place in know-how and second in development. Including Switzerland’s high ranking means European nations fill the top three spots.

4 The United States

The inclusion of the USA means that it is not only European countries in the top 5. It is the largest country in this top 12 list of countries due to population. The USA scores high for development and know-how.

5 Denmark

Denmark only received a ranking of 34th-overall with respect to deployment but otherwise, Denmark is reasonably well balanced.

6 Germany

Germany is similar to Denmark and is also somewhat behind regarding deployment. But Germany ranked seventh in know-how, which helped account for its high overall ranking.

7 New Zealand

This is the only country on the list from Oceania. New Zealand is overall a very well-developed nation.

8 Sweden

Sweden has ranked third in the know-how category. This country’s inclusion on the list further enhances Scandinavia’s reputation for being so well-educated.

9 Slovenia

This country may come as a surprise to some, but it has made the list due to high rankings in capacity and development.

10 Austria

Yet another European country. Austria is well known for providing strong education, which is largely based on its high score for development.

11 Singapore

This is the only country from Asia to make the list. Singapore ranks fourth-overall with respect to know-how.

12 Estonia

This is perhaps another surprise on this list. Estonia made the list because it is extremely well-balanced in the factors that add up to its overall ranking.

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