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Game Changing Strategies for When You’re Feeling Stuck in Life

Have you been feeling stuck lately? It can be an awful feeling, with the weight of ambiguity on your back. Those unsure of what next step to take can feel depressed but here are some game changing strategies for when you’re feeling stuck in life.

Why do we get stuck?

There are a variety of reasons why we get stuck. To start with, it’s hard to make big decisions. Decisions to require time and need careful thought and assessment. In addition, they take a toll on our minds and require lots of energy.

Some of us believe we need some sort of “sign” to make a decision. A sign from the universe that will be a guiding force that will show us the way. This is a powerful theory but variable if you aren’t looking in the right places for the sign to reveal itself it is a huge dependent variable.

It’s easier NOT to make a decision sometimes. As humans, we don’t like difficult feelings. Extremely hard feelings such as anxiety, depression, anger, or fear can be conjured up when making a decision. There are usually extremely complicated emotions that we prefer to ward off.

Change itself is so scary for most people that staying stuck is a great runner up. So, if you’re feeling stuck here are some strategies that will help create movement.

Challenge Assumptions

We often believe that we’ve turned over every stone in our mind when we’re feeling stuck. What we often miss though is examining those stones themselves. Asking if “those are all of them”? Challenge every singe one of your assumptions.
Write your assumptions down and see if any new ideas come to you. Take any idea, crazy or not, and see if something new shakes out. The objective is to add to the list rather than reviewing the same ideas you’ve already come up with.

Talk Yourself Through Your Worst-Case Scenario

If you’re worried about the worst thing happening then walk yourself through the fear. Examine step by step what you would do if this happened. How would you handle it? Would you survive? If you find yourself answering YES, then you can break free from fearing the worst and move forward.

Learn About Courage

Courage is not the absence of fear, but feeling fear and embracing it. Being brave is no easy feat. We all have moments of weakness – but we have moments of courage too. Having courage means doing something you are not comfortable doing – and doing it any way.

Use Your Village

In your circle of friends that are true confidants. These are the people that really know you and have your best intentions at heart. These are the people that are good listeners and are unbiased. There are usually just a select few of our friends that fit this profile. It’s worth selecting the strongest of the bunch to get their input.

Create Your Vision

Look beyond your short-term anxieties. Create your vision for one, two, or even five years down the road and map it out in your mind. What do you see? Without looking at your goals down the road, you’ll end up feeling stuck as you look down at the choppy waters of lif

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