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My Expats World | It’s way far more than only following your passion

Following Your Passion

Don’t get us wrong, passion is very important. But when the reality strikes with its downs, challenges and frustrations, it becomes hard to count only on your passion.

In today’s society the “follow your passion” concept gives a lot of pressure. It’s not only about finding your path and working towards your goal, it’s more about being successful. So, it is like a double responsibility: you must know your passion (the sooner, the better) and be successful while achieving it.

The matter is more complicated

How and when a person will know that he/she has found it? And if a person has more than one passion, does he/she have to choose between them? Does passion lead to success? And if it doesn’t, does it mean we need to find a new one?

Sure thing, there are no guarantees for anyone.

In most cases, success takes its time and requires a lot of dedication and efforts. However, knowing the interaction between passion and success helps to manage one’s expectations and observe the matter in more realistic manner.

The passion

Even though passion is a universal experience, everyone perceives it differently. We can distinguish two main types of people regarding the way it is perceived.

Some people are very aware about a particular passion that interests them. Usually, they are very focused and donate a lot of time to pursue it. Consistent work and attention keep them going further.

Meanwhile, the other camp represents people who have more than only one passion. Typically, these people tend to jump from one activity to another, often even not finishing most of them. Being more dynamic personalities, they might find it difficult to be patient enough to achieve it.

There is no right or wrong, just knowing these facts can help to understand yourself better by eliminating barriers that might disturb your path to success.

What makes passion successful?

Dedication, determination, consistency, resistance and hard work. These are the base of success. Because passion by itself (without efforts) can’t do anything.

It’s only a matter of time to be where you want to be. With the condition that you are willing to work towards it on a daily basis. Expect to face hard moments that will plant doubts and make you feel like quitting: Maybe it is not for me? Am I wrong about my passion?

So, the difficult truth: it will not come naturally, you will need to fight for it. In the end, with all these endeavours we will be able to appreciate our path and success much more. Most importantly, don’t forget that those dark moments pass, and, on the other hand, they teach us something important too.

A dead-end

Sometimes it happens that we have to change the direction. It’s called a dead-end. A dead-end appears when there is no opportunity for advancement. Basically, passion runs its course. And here is the time to quit.

Everything happens for a reason. Life has a tendency to put us on the correct path even though sometimes we think that we know better. In this case, it is better to stop and start focusing on a new aspiration.

How to distinguish if it is a temporary frustration or a dead-end? Just be fair with yourself and answer these questions: “Is your desire to give up related to short-term stress or the fact that what you’re pursuing isn’t sustainable in the long-term? Are you excited about what’s next? Does the thought of quitting make me feel panicked or at peace? Are you doing it for yourself? Does it make you happy? Can you imagine yourself doing the same after a few years?”

Success is always nearby, but we have to earn it.

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