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How can I join and win 100€ in e-vouchers?

If you follow these steps you will be invited to our weekly competitions where you can win e-vouchers from companies up to the value of 100€ :

1. Sign up as member for free
2. Update your profile with a picture of your self
3. Go to Groups and search for the city you live in
4. Join the group and make a first post
5. If you can not find your city, please contact us and ask us to open it

If you have any questions – just contact us here!

How can I use the community when I am a member?

When you register as a member you will get access to these functions:

  1. Create an attractive profile of your self with pictures and text info
  2. Join one or several groups to make posts and get comments & help
  3. You will get invitations to join the weekly competition and win e-vouchers
  4. You can find other members and make friend connections
  5. You will get invited to our monthly dinners in your city
  6. You will get our newsletter & magazine to your email
  7. You can watch our TV channel, read our magazine and follow our blog
  8. You will get updates about any new functions and offers
  9. Welcome to sign up as a member for free!

How can I update my profile with a picture of myself?

Here is how you update your profile picture:

  1. Login with your username & password
  2. In the top right corner you see your name as logged in. Put the cursor there and click “Edit my profile”
  3. Click the link “Change Profile Photo” under the black menu
  4. Choose a picture and “Crop” it
  5. Push the “Save Changes” button in the bottom

If you have any questions – just contact us here!

If I dont find my city among the Groups?

We have not opened groups for all cities in the world, but we are happy to open you city so you can join your group:

If you like to ask us to open your city – just contact us here!

How do I contact you if I have a question?

If you have any questions – just contact us here!

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