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Optimizing the Ex Pat’s Life & Work

Ex Pats Life
Grey Matters International, Founder by neuroscience entrepreneur Dr. Kevin Fleming, is a one of a kind company for expats all over the world.  Dr. Fleming’s company creates personalized, ‘we come to you” plans of service that address the whole spectrum of an expat’s personal and business concerns, from:
  • Transitional concerns, stressors, burnout
  • Private Mental Health needs (e.g., depression, anxiety, trauma, attention, memory, sleep)
  • Marriage/family or relationship intensives for fast change (include child learning and behavior issues)
  • Executive/leadership development

What is unique is the cutting edge neuroscience ‘angle’ Dr. Fleming takes in putting together strategies and care plans that truly change the brain’s patterns of behavior, mood and decisions in very fast time frames. He is able to do this because of a cutting edge neurotechnology that he brings around the world to customize what each expat need for optimal success. He currently has successful client relationships and stories on 5 continents. His work has been featured in The New York Times, CNN, Forbes, Fortune and has received endorsements from faculty in both the Harvard Medical and Business Schools.  He has even received praise for his thinking and achievements from a cabinet member for the King of Jordan.

Check out more about Dr. Fleming’s work, books, articles, and many videos at  And feel free to personally reach out to him anytime at to see if your concerns and goals can have a plan worked up for you!  For he is determined to make every expat’s experience a happy, healthy, and successful one.

Contact Grey Matters International:
+1 877 606 6161
+1 918 949 1972

Grey Matters International

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