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Current Concepts and Procedures Behind Facial Rejuvenation

Facial Rejuvenation

By Dany Kayle
Plastic Surgery, Dr Kayle Aesthetic Clinic

Looking younger has never been so easy.

Looking younger has been of prime concern to all ladies across all times. Approaches to facial rejuvenation kept evolving until current days.

Today, we look at facial rejuvenation from a different angle. It is no longer a mere facelift, which results in an expressionless though tightened face. It is a concept which bases facial rejuvenation on three pillars:

  1. Handling the skin redundancy.
  2. Restoring the lost volume.
  3. Restoring the skin texture itself and its glow.
When those 3 issues are handled simultaneously, a much younger glowing face is achieved without any telltale of surgical intervention.

1. Handling the skin redundancy

Here, we need to tighten the skin and remove whatever is in excess. Three ways to achieve this target.
  • The classical facelift, which is done at the hospital under general anaesthesia.
  • The mini-facelift, which is done under local anaesthesia at the clinic. After which, the patient can go home directly.
  • If the patient doesn’t want any surgical intervention, then thread lifting is resorted to. It is what we call “the lunch time lift”, where there are no wounds, just a simple insertion of special threads via a needle puncture. The procedure takes around 30 minutes after which the patient can go home.

Skin Redundancy Botox

2. Restoring the lost volume

Now, that we have tightened the skin, it is time to restore the volume that the patient lost with age due to the loss of fat or its movement downward which leads to the fact that the middle face becomes volume depleted. Restoring volume takes place in one of two ways:
  • Either by using the known synthetic fillers, made of Hyaluronic Acid, and which last from 6-8 months ( we strongly recommend against using any permanent fillers),
  • Or by using the patient own fat, which is the preferred method for the following reasons:
  • It is the patient’s own fat and, consequently, can’t cause any reaction.
  • Lasts much longer
  • Stem cells are automatically transferred with every fat transfer, and they, later on, transform into fibroblasts that start laying down collagen. Hence, this will improve further the skin quality with time.

3. Restoring the skin texture itself and its glow

Having solved the redundancy and volume problems, we are left with the skin itself. With time, in addition to the weight of the years, sun, smoking, stress, and hormonal effects leave their trace on the skin. These will make the skin lose its smoothness and its glow.
It is laser peeling that comes into play here to reverse those detrimental effects and help the skin regain its glow. This is followed by mild maintenance of skin care using a special set of creams.

This way, by handling those 3 pillars for facial rejuvenation, we would achieve the best results with minimal telltale signs of intervention...

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