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Countries with the Highest Life Expectancy in 2018

Life Expectancy in 2018

Most of us don’t want to know how long we will live. However, there are some countries where most of us would like the answer to that question. This list is based on data provided by the World Economic Forum. Out of 137 nations included in the study, the top 10 countries with the highest life expectancy are all in Asia or Europe. Those in the bottom 10 (not mentioned here) are all in Africa.

1. Hong Kong SAR – 84.3 years

Hong Kong is infamous for air pollution so this city may come as a surprise. There are 7 million people living in an around which contribute to the pollution but despite that life expectancy here is almost a full year longer than the highest in Europe. Citizens are quite active, practicing martial arts like Tai Chi. Steamed food is preferred over fried and a lot of tea is consumed. The Chinese also get most of their protein from plant sources.

2. Japan – 83.8 years

The Japanese have always revered their elders and is well-known for its aging population. This country is the world’s leader for people who live over 80. It can accredit more than 58,000 people who are over the age of 100. The average diet includes a lot of fish, rice, tofu, soy, vegetables, and small portions and this is the greatest contribution to their longevity. On the small island of Okinawa studies have shown that the people actually age slower because they have a higher level of sex hormones.

3. Italy – 83.5 years

There is a reduced poverty gap in Italy that is smaller than in other countries. And this helps this countries people live longer. Because of this, the standard of living has increased for everyone. Most people can afford better food and have access to good health care. Many people in this country often walk, which is one of the easiest ways to stay in shape.

4. Spain – 83.4 years

Strong social connections are important to quality of life which add to longevity. Generally, Spaniards are very family-oriented and keep strong social connections throughout their lives. The Mediterranean diet here is also an important factor. It’s estimated that by 2050, more than 36 percent of the population is expected to be senior citizens. This will be the highest proportion of seniors in any nation in Europe.

5. Switzerland – 83.2 years

The Swiss are some of the happiest people on the planet. This country has had a very stable government and boasts one of the most thriving economies in the world. The people are also affluent. All of this means there is little or no conflict. In addition, the healthcare system is one of the best in the world. Switzerland has chosen to invest in developing people’s talents. This is because there aren’t many natural resources in the country. Between health, money, happiness, and, of course, chocolate, it’s hard to be chronically sick.

6. Iceland – 82.9 years

Things are just done right in Iceland. People eat simply. High on the menu is lots of seafood, dairy from grass-fed cows, and locally grown produce with no pesticides. The country is full of hot springs and the locals like to swim a lot. Although there is little sunlight in winter, locals spend much time exercising to overcome seasonal affective disorder (SAD).

7. France – 82.7 years

Winters in France are not so harsh and generally people are quite physically active. The French have low rates of heart disease despite the popular consumption of cheese. Researchers say that the metabolism of cheese is key. Bad cholesterol is reduced with cheese consumption (when compared to butter with the same fat content). And small portions are key.

8. Singapore – 82.6 years

Singapore’s economy is strong, and its healthcare system is very efficient. This city-state is a good example of how to build a prosperous nation. Early prevention and detection of chronic disease is well monitored here. And it’s paying off. The local diet consists mainly of foods rich in nutrients and antioxidants – fish, rice, and noodles. All quite healthy.

9. Sweden – 82.6 years

Sweden’s quality of the environment is above average when compared to other countries. In addition, education, work-life balance, subjective well-being, jobs and earnings, and social connections also rank higher than most countries. Only 1 percent of employees work very long hours, compared to 13 percent in other OECD countries.

10. Australia – 82.5 years

Aussies may have been getting a bit more plump over the last years, but they’re still expected to live a long time. The country has a new and improved healthcare system and a high standard of living. Residents here are better educated about how to stay healthy.

No need to move if you don’t happen to live in one of these countries. There are plenty of good tips here that we can incorporate in our daily lives no matter where we live.

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