Expat Life

What Expats Need to Know Before Returning Home

Expats will have to be prepared for a period of transition when going back to their country of birth

Expat stress

Even when you’re already living in a new country the stress of expat life can take its toll.

Learn to Cope with Language Barriers as an Expat

Common language-related issues expats face.

Why Expats Make Great Entrepreneurs

Risks you will have to deal with when you start a new life in a new country are similar to the risks faced when you start a new business.

Top destinations for expats looking to soak up the sun

A lot of expats move away to find more sun. What are the destinations that have the most to offer sun worshipers?

Reasons why you should become an expat

To make the decision to move to a new country can be difficult, but there are many good reasons to become an expatriate and potential benefits for your health.

How to Prepare for Moving Abroad

Overwhelm and stress of moving abroad can get the best of anyone. However, it’s important to remember that this is a very special period in your life.

How to Help Expat Children Adjust to Life Abroad

Kate Berger, a child psychologist, gives tips on how to make sure expat children settle in their new country.

Tips for First-Time Expats

Moving to another country can be a challenging experience, but these tips will set a first-time expat on the right track to a wonderful life abroad.

When does an expat become a local?

Someone stopped me at a store yesterday and asked me “Are you a local?” I am English and currently living in Australia, in a town where in general it is believed that you must live there at least ten years before they consider you to be a local. Having been in this town less than a year I wasn’t confident that ‘yes’ was the right answer. Reminding myself that I was in a store that I visit regularly to restock my fridge, I hazarded a ‘yes’. “Oh that is great,” he said, “Can you tell me where I can find sugar?” Yes, I could, so to that extent at least, I am actually a local here. However, I am also an expat and, kind and accepting as the Aussies generally are, I will always be considered in the first place to be a ‘pom’ while I live here. This doesn’t bother me but it did make me wonder when...

The Emotional Rollercoaster of Expat Life: Leaving Home

Source: The Rebecca Project Link to original article It has been a difficult few weeks. In preparing to leave Sydney and return back to San Francisco, I felt like a hot mess. I was a hot mess. And that’s okay. I knew what to expect (this isn’t my first go round) and I’ve been much kinder to myself and more open about my experience. Those actions have made things easier to process. Nevertheless, it has still been hard.The emotional stages an expat passes through as they prepare to relocate is best described as a rollercoaster. Plenty of twists and turns and peaks and drops and being turned upside down, and all of it is lived at a frenetic pace. It can be overwhelming: you’re leaving behind one life to start another. You’re giving away your possessions. You’re fare-welling your support netwo...

Countries with the Highest Life Expectancy in 2018

Most of us don’t want to know how long we will live. However, there are some countries where most of us would like the answer to that question. This list is based on data provided by the World Economic Forum. Out of 137 nations included in the study, the top 10 countries with the highest life expectancy are all in Asia or Europe. Those in the bottom 10 (not mentioned here) are all in Africa. 1. Hong Kong SAR – 84.3 years Hong Kong is infamous for air pollution so this city may come as a surprise. There are 7 million people living in an around which contribute to the pollution but despite that life expectancy here is almost a full year longer than the highest in Europe. Citizens are quite active, practicing martial arts like Tai Chi. Steamed food is preferred over fried and a lot of tea is ...