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The New Alternative to Boat Ownership

Boat Ownership

Catany Boat Club was founded by Nicolas Catany and Kerry Flannagan, both lovers of the sea and Mallorca. They founded the club to bring the world of navigation to as many people as possible in Mallorca, as well as bringing a smile to children in need by taking them on boat rides with their non-profit organisation ‘Catany Association’.

Starting up the company

“I started this company so that more people in Mallorca could have access to boats for a fraction of the price, saving a lot of money and best of all, saving all the headaches that a boat in ownership entails.” says Nicolas. “It hurts my soul seeing so many boats in harbour not being used, so I thought it would be good to give an alternative for boat ownership in a more efficient way. We just want people to create amazing memories with their loved ones with zero worries.”

How it works

Forget paying huge sums of money for a boat. With Catany Boat Club, you can save yourself from paying mooring fees and insurance and also forget about all the hassle and maintenance that a boat entails. The club offers the most economical and practical alternative to a boat ownership where you will only have to worry about enjoying navigating and life at sea! For a monthly membership fee starting at just 150€ a month, you get to choose your boat and the amount of days you want to navigate each month. You will also save berth, insurance, and maintenance costs. This also includes all the training you will need to be able to moor and navigate safely and confidently.

Main benefits of joining the club

You will have access to your chosen boat all year round (although you are able to change boat whenever you like), which will give you a lot of confidence and security when sailing, as though it was your own. You will not experience all the issues of boat ownership as the company are there to help filter out those problems. There are no maintenance, mooring, or insurance costs, as well as no crazy charter fees. Soon the club will also be changing to a point system where all clients will be able to take out any boat their permit lets them!

“People who join our club can enjoy the experience of all our boats and also get free training in any boat they want if they need to.” says Nicolas. “We have boats for wake, boats for fishing, and boats just to spend a nice day anchored in. All this service in easy monthly payments.”

Becoming a member

All you need to do is choose a boat from the club, select the amount of days you want to navigate each month and sign up for a membership. The subscription in the club is annual, with different modalities. Don’t worry if you haven’t got any experience, we offer free training on your boat so that you feel confident to enjoy your time at sea with friends or family.

We want all our members in Catany Boat Club to enjoy sailing without any worries and without having to invest huge amounts of money. Join the club today and start navigating tomorrow!

Contact Catany Boat Club:
Phone: +34 622 682 386 | +34 722 422 806

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  1. This idea is certainly not new. RIB Club Global introduced a point based boat scheme to Mallorca 3 years ago and their membership gives their members access to boating througout the world. Much more exciting in my opinion!

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