How our age affects our appetite?

Food is the daily fuel of humans. And our relationship with food is formed by income, availability, trends and even peer pressure. Which means that the relationship can be as much complicated as it is...Read More

Individualistic vs. Collectivistic Cultures

Cultures are dynamic manifestations of a society’s value choices. They reflect a society’s preferences and approaches to problem-solving together with its citizen’s source of inspiration and motivatio...Read More

The Danish unemployment rate is the lowest since 2009

The unemployment rate in Denmark is falling. The number of people who receive social welfare support diminished by 1,400 in June.  Statistics Officially, there are 107,300 people who aren’t working cu...Read More

Millennials are poorer than previous generations

Each generation has their standards of living. Millennials aren’t an exception. Even though their economic situation is discussed aloud as the most challenging, there are some reasons for this. Univer...Read More

Tuscan city bans fast food, sex shops, and non-Italian shop signs

Pistoia, a charming Tuscan city, has banned new fast-food restaurants and sex shops from opening in the historic centre. In addition, they have ordered that all store signs must be written only using ...Read More

8 worldwide facts from the 2018 report

These facts are taken from the 2018 best countries ranking report. The survey, based on more than 21,000 people’s opinions, reveals the worldwide condition of global affairs.  1.     The common view a...Read More

Why we can’t stop going back to the same places?

Have you ever noticed that usually when we are meeting our besties, we choose the same places to hang out most of the time? Researchers, who are studying the nature of human behavior, revealed that a ...Read More

Some Good Advice About Chasing Dreams and Following Your Passion

We all have the ability to dream, but not all of us have the courage to live out our dreams. Limiting self-belief systems are often the reason why people aren’t living their dreams. Many believe that ...Read More

The Highest Educated Countries in the World

A Global Competitiveness Report is issued annually by the World Economic Forum. This report provides a set of rankings (well-researched) of all the countries in the world. There are a host of factors ...Read More

Italian driving peculiarities

Italians are one of the best car manufacturers in the world. However, their driving skills are widely discussed. Public opinion suggests that Italians are  the worst European drivers. How so? Italians...Read More

Why do we tend to forget people’s names?

Everyone knows that embarassing feeling when you are standing in front of a person and can’t remember his or her name a few minutes later after the introduction. It seems this is a trait that all huma...Read More

Warmer weather in Norway: climate change and snake bites

Unusual weather is spoiling Norwegians who are used to much lower summer temperatures. Moreover, unusually high temperatures for this northern country may become normal. Climate change Climate researc...Read More

Relationship tendencies in the 21st century

Relationship rules are shifting very rapidly, and they have become totally different from those we had in the past.  The art of negotiation  The old-fashioned relationship model has a clear task and r...Read More

Why Valencia?

If anyone ever asks you the question, “Why Valencia?” after you’ve explained you have just relocated there, the simple answer is, “Why not?” Safely tucked away out of the hurley burley between Madrid ...Read More

Current social media demographics

4.021 billion people use an internet on a daily basis. This number grows 7% annually. 42% of the world’s population, which is 3.196 billion people, are social media users. Since last year, this number...Read More

Welcome to the 11th Issue of MyExpatsWorld Magazine

We are happy and excited to welcome you to our eleventh edition of this magazine. 
A magazine for people who live, or plan to move abroad. In this issue you can find out about life standards in three ...Read More

Are the Swiss eating less chocolate?

The Swiss chocolate industry counts 190,731 tons of the treat sold at home and abroad last year. However, the domestic consumption has fallen for the  third year in a row. Meanwhile, exports have been...Read More

Why the four-day work week is good for business

A company in New Zealand decided to test if the four-day work week was beneficial to business. Everything stayed the same, including salary, except employees were working one day less. The experiment ...Read More

US birth rate at all-time low

America faces a record low fertility rate for the second year in a row. The research had blamed the latest recession. But even after the economic recovery, the numbers do not look any better. The reas...Read More

How work will look like in 2100?

One thing is obvious, it will look totally different than today. The workplace progressed unrecognizably in the last 100, 50 and even 10 years. And it keeps changing accordingly. According to the futu...Read More