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Armed Robbers Lose Jewels In Paris

Armed Robbers

A jewellery shop inside Paris’s Ritz Hotel was robbed on Wednesday but local police have recovered all the goods.

Paris’ Place Vendome

The hotel is located in Place Vendome which is located on the right bank of the Seine river in Paris’ district 1.

Police said that they have arrested 3 of the robbers however the others are still on the run.

There was a total value of some €4.5million found in a bag that was accidentally dropped by one of the men in the gang.

The Incident Happend Around 18:00 Local Time

An officer on patrol had disturbed the robbers and interrupted the theft.  Three of the men were blocked in the building and local police later arrested them.
Outside, two members of the gang were waiting and when noticed there was trouble inside managed to escape on a scooter and by car.
The thief who fled on the scooter had the jewels and when collided with a pedestrian dropped the bag.

The Getaway Car

The car used by the thieves was found outside of Paris, to the north, in Sannois.


The local Paris police were successful in catching thieves in the act.



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