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Alien Life: How Would Humans Really React? Study Reveals Surprising Results

Alien Life

People are generally fascinated by aliens. Whether they’re chest-bursting assassin kind or cuddly childhood friends who want to find their way back home, pop culture is filled with extraterrestrials. The science world has also been looking for life on other planets for years. Special intelligence has been set up to do so, so it is quite a serious matter. So, if there was alien life how would humans really react? A study reveals surprising results.

Embracing our extraterrestrial cousins?

If we encountered another life form, what would happen? Would we greet aliens with open arms or attack as if it were an invasion?

Recent studies suggest that we would be friendly and quite cool with it. Michael Varnum, a psychologist at the Arizona State University, recently presented data at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

There has been a lot of speculation as to how we might respond to this kind of news. However, until now there hasn’t been any research. Varnum says that humans would actually be quite positive about new encounters with another species.

Interstellar objects and Martian microbes

In late 2017, there was an interstellar object called ‘Oumuamua’ spotted flying through our solar system. The media covered the event and Varnum analysed the coverage. He was interested in the public’s response to the reports that this object spotted in our solar system may actually be an alien spaceship. It turns out it was just an asteroid however the results suggested that humans would react more positively than negatively to extraterrerstrial life. We would acutally be happy about it.

Three studies were recently published in Frontiers in Psychology

News articles covering potential alien discoveries were examined and emotions in the text were analysed in one study. Sophisticated software was also used to analyse media coverage of the discovery of possible Martian microbes in 1996. In 2015 Tabby’s Star was reported as dramatically dimming for reasons no one could explain. The reasons have since been discovered however in all cases there were many more positive than negative emotions. Generally speaking, we would find news about life outside of our planet quite exciting, even if it was in primitive form.

Other planets have the ability to have life

Many scientific discoveries show that the possibility of some life on other planets is possible. If we do find out that we’re not the only ones inhabiting the universe, it seems we would take the news rather well.

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