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5 Life Lessons Most People Learn Too Late

Life Lessons

Our lives have become very comfortable. We take things for granted because we have instant access to clean water, food, and healthcare. Thus, we may not fully reach our potential because comfort slows progress.

Most of us struggle to overcome even the slightest adversity because we live like tomorrow is a guarantee. So why not start making progress now?

Here are some life lessons you should avoid learning too late:

1.Read More Books

‘Cool kids don’t read’ is what many of us think growing up. Most of us learned how to memorize facts rather than absorb content because the nerdy kids never made it to prom.

Reading expands our horizons and helps us see things from different perspectives. Whether it’s an interesting biography or fun novel reading is a great way to introduce the mind to places it’s never visited and new ideas.

2. Think Like Who You Want to Become

Have you ever imagined how you would like your life to be? Really imagined? The colour of your house, your spouse, the name of your dog and the job you have.

If you had all of those things in place how would you respond to the people and circumstances in your life? Would your responses be different from what they are today? Would you tolerate the same treatment?

So, allow yourself to ‘feel’ what that imagined life would be like and behave that way. It may just get you a few steps closer to your goals.

3. Invest Your Time, Don’t Spend It

Most people don’t spend enough time taking action, but much time thinking and planning things (many which may never transpire). There are many great ideas out there but rarely do many of them come to fruition.

Would you treat time differently if it were more like money? If you could invest minutes or hours for time that was multiplied in the long run would you do it? For example, investing 4-5 years in our 20’s could end up earning financial freedom later in life. Many of us also know that a crazy night of partying could set you back days in how we feel, or even make you look years older the next day.

You could graduate early if you decide to be productive with one of your summers but the importance of time is not taught to most of us at an early age. Time is much more important than we realize. We never really have time ‘off’ regardless of where we are or what we do so spend your time wisely.

4. Change Your Environment, Don’t Just Try to Change Your Environment

Studies have shown that people find much happiness in spending time with friends and family however these are the very same people that can hold us back when we want to make lifestyle changes.

It’s always easier to collaborate with a group of like-minded people than be with a group that regularly questions our beliefs. Move to an environment where you can be with those who understand your way of thinking. This doesn’t mean to disregard the people you love if they have different beliefs but it does mean spending more time with groups that give you energy.

5. Don’t Talk Badly of Others

People watching has always been a fun pastime. Who doesn’t like it? However, people watching can become negative quickly if you’re with the ‘wrong’ people and gossiping is involved.
It’s a decision we can each make on whether we will spend our time being judgemental or being productive.

Obsessing over what the latest celebrity housewife is doing or talking about whether your colleague cheated on his taxes, is not getting you any closer to your dreams. If anything, it’s getting you further away from it and into a negative space. That’s because deep inside, you know that your colleague is a successful man that’s added a lot of value to the world – regardless of what your co-workers say (which of course may not even be true).


Make the decision to change your habits today. It’s never too late to learn something new if we open ourselves up to it. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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