Infographic: Different Dating Customs Around the World

By Caroline Mcguire

The dating game is full of pitfalls, but it turns out that by crossing borders, you could be even more likely to offend the man or woman of your dreams. 

Across the globe, there are a variety of rules when it comes to relationships.

For example, in South Korea it is the norm for male suitors to carry their sweetheart’s handbag while out and about, and in Vienna, many men still greet women with a kiss on the hand.

Meanwhile in Italy, a man is unlikely to hold a door open for a woman, he will instead walk through the door first to protect the woman from anything untoward which may be happening inside the room.

But for those who aren’t in the know, help is at hand thanks to a new infographic from the people at Slots Info

To find out more about dating etiquette from around the world, read on… 

Source: Mail Online
Link to original article

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