Wordculture was founded in 2013 with the idea of offering high quality language services, as well as being child friendly. The company philosophy is based on the idea that a language is not just a vocabulary list but a key factor in achieving a successful integration.

Our approach can be summarised in four main points:

Quality over quantity: The groups are small, which enables both children and adults to progress quickly, because they take advantage of the individual attention and intensive interaction with the teacher.

Family friendly: The needs of children and families come first. Many foreigners live here with their children; they come for work but they are not integrated into society at all, owing to the lack of language knowledge.

Individuality: We meet every single student before they join a course and we set their goals together. For us, every student is unique, which is why we take into account different approaches to learning and cultural backgrounds.

Culture and society: The company name, “Wordculture,” fully reflects our philosophy: a successful synergy of word and culture. Excursions and social events are organised outside the classroom where the students can practice different languages.

Contact Wordculture:
Phone: +41 44 396 70 80
Email: info@wordculture.ch
Web: www.wordculture.ch

By Currency Fair

People are fulfilled in myriad ways. Expatriates who seek sheer natural beauty extol Croatia, while those interested in financial and career opportunities recommend Singapore.

However, when it’s family life and all that entails — including childcare, liveability and quality of life — several countries can claim to be No. 1. Which one is top for you depends on your family’s specific needs.

Below, we take a look at seven individual categories and the countries that offer the best of the best to foreign and local residents alike.

Best Expat Cities: 6 Places Where You Can Build a Great Life Abroad

Denmark: Top in Work/Life Balance and Happiness

One expatriate was quite sure that her husband had been fired from his new job in Denmark because he came home from the office so early every day. What she didn’t realise, Thom Dunn at Upworthy writes, is that the Danes have the best work-life balance in the world.

Dunn says workers in Denmark are trusted by their employers and take pride in doing their jobs well. They’re encouraged to prioritise family life, and the culture recognises the value of rest and relaxation. “The Danes have proven a healthy moderation of labor and leisure is not only possible, but it’s measurably preferable to forcing people to live to work and work themselves to death.”

Look to Denmark if you want to be happy. It came first in the 2016 World Happiness, followed by Switzerland, Iceland, Norway and Finland.

There are common threads that run through all those cold countries, CNN digital travel writer Katia Hetter says. “People who live in the happiest countries have longer life expectancies, have more social support, have more freedom to make life choices, have lower perceptions of corruption, experience more generosity, experience less inequality of happiness and have a higher gross domestic product per capita, the report shows.”

Sweden: Top in Childcare and Parental Leave

Although Sweden’s winters are long, cold and dark (some parts of the country get as little as three hours of sunlight per day in the winter), the country is known for having among the best childcare benefits worldwide. In fact, “three quarters of expat parents [say] that they’d seen an improvement in their child’s quality of life after moving to the Nordic country — compared to fewer than two thirds (60per cent) globally,” Sally Peck at The Telegraph notes.

Senior innovation reporter Chris Weller at Business Insider agrees. “New parents in Sweden are entitled to 480 days of paid leave per child at 80% their normal salary,” he writes. “They are free to split the time however they choose, although one parent must take at least 90 days.”

Sweden’s maternity leave is so generous, it’s knocked some countries down the list of the best countries for families. Natalie Esler at Babyology says that’s the case for Australia, a country that still ranks highly overall. During the 2013 federal election, politicians promised six months of parental leave at full wage, but that was never realised. Currently, parental leave is 18 weeks at minimum wage.

Canada: Top in Quality of Life

Early in 2016, Canada ranked second overall in the World Economic Forum’s list of best countries in the world, writes Lauren Sundstrom at Daily Hive, just behind Germany. Canada placed first, however, in the quality of life category. The factors that make up this category, Sundstrom writes, include everything from affordability, job market and economic stability to the quality of public services such as schools and healthcare.

Similarly, Canada’s top scores in the OECD’s 2016 Better Life Index, which looks at countries with the best quality of life, was housing affordability. The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) identifies 11 topics as essential in the areas of material living conditions and quality of life. These are: housing, income, jobs, community, education, environment, civic engagement, health, life satisfaction, safety and work-life balance.

Taiwan: Top in Expat Happiness

Senior finance reporter Ben Moshinsky at Business Insider UK reported on a 2016 survey by InterNations, which found Taiwan to be the country expats were happiest in: “Roughly one-third of expats in Taiwan (34%) are completely satisfied with their jobs, more than double the global average of 16%. They are also enthusiastic about their work-life balance (30%) and job security (34%).”

“Taiwan is usually friendly to expats — they are a rare animal,” associate professor of finance at the University of Hong Kong Tse-Chun Lin told Rachel Blundy at the South China Morning Post. “The people in this survey are probably high-ranking officials in various fields; their lives will be brilliant. Taiwan has a very low crime rate, the food is great, the coffee shops are everywhere, and the health care system is good.”

And that’s not all. According to The Epoch Times, expats also like the local transport infrastructure and travel opportunities. It’s no wonder then that Taiwan placed first of the 66 countries and regions surveyed.

Australia: Top in Liveability

The country with the world’s most liveable cities in 2016, ranked by the Economist Intelligence Unit, is Australia. Melbourne took first place, and Adelaide and Perth also made the top 10. That index is based on five areas: stability, infrastructure, education, health care and environment. Safety concerns kept Sydney from scoring as high as it might have.

The Economist data team writes that the best-scoring cities are usually mid-size in wealthier countries. The results confirm that finding: Vienna took second place overall, and three Canadian cities (Vancouver, Toronto and Calgary) followed close behind.

Interested in moving to Australia? Find out the Best Places to live in Australia from the people who live there.

Scandinavia in General: Top for Women

Expatriate women look for more than generous maternity leave and good childcare support and facilities when moving abroad. They consider physical safety, gender equality and workplace representation, too, the Expat Focus team writes.

“According to the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap report for 2015,” the team reports, “the Nordic states of Iceland, Norway, Finland and Sweden are the four best places for women to live, and have been since the inception of the report.”

In concrete terms, that means women in Iceland, for instance, “enjoy the most equal access to education and healthcare and have the best chance of being elected to positions of power and responsibility in the government.” Similarly, 77 percent of Norway’s women earn the same as men doing comparable jobs. That country uses a quota system to ensure government jobs go to women.

When the Global Gender Gap was updated in 2016, Denmark made the top 20. In fact, the country is also home to the happiest retired women in the world, reporter Emma Henderson writes at Independent Travel, citing a survey by the U.S. News and World Report.

This all comes as no surprise, travel blogger Peter Watson at Atlas & Boots writes. “The Nordic states are consistently the best countries for women and have been so since the report was first produced in 2006.”

Currency Fair
CurrencyFair is an Irish company that helps people all over the world get better rates on their money transfers. It is an online service where customers can exchange with each other, meaning that the rates are very competitive. Sending money overseas is up to 8x cheaper with CurrencyFair than typical banks. If you are looking to move money abroad or receive money from another country CurrencyFair can offer you the speed, control and support in order make an international transfer Why not sign up now?

Founded by Nino González-Aller in 2010, Homestays in Spain is an exchange programme which allows English Speakers to live in Spain with local families. Nino has had the opportunity of living and studying in many countries including the United States and Belgium, and has a huge passion for cultural exchanges and languages, which he can speak four of fluently.

Why should people experience this opportunity?

Well, you’ll be able to take Spanish lessons, visit the city during the week, and even travel the weekends – this is totally up to you.

What are the benefits of a homestay exchange programme?

You’ll have a chance to live in Spain for a few weeks or months and enjoy the Spanish lifestyle at its fullest! In exchange all you need to do is engage in conversational English for TWO hours every evening from Mon-Thurs with the host family and you get full board and free accommodation. Families can’t wait to host English speakers so they can improve their English.

Get in touch via the website and start your adventure today!

Contact Homestays in Spain:
Phone: +34 630 138 129 (WhatsApp also available)
Email: homestaysinspain@gmail.com
Web: www.homestaysinspain.com
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Founded in the sixties by John G. Kearins, an Attorney and Certified Public Accountant, U.S Tax Consultants was originally created to prepare U.S Individual and Corporate taxes in Spain. Since 2011, they continue their work under the umbrella of NML Consultores. The company distinguishes themselves by the quality of their services, the direct and personal treatment with their clients and the ability to offer fast and effective solutions.

What services do you offer?

We offer individual and corporate Spanish and US fiscal consultancy services with our largest service being the preparation of US Tax Returns for expats living in Spain and fiscal obligations of US residents in Spain. We understand the requirements of both countries and prepare Individual US Tax Returns for expats globally.

Our goal
NML has opted for a “Paperless Office”. P.O is our commitment to link environment commitment with the correct use of ICT and our goal is to work together with our customers electronically, to have all the information and resources necessary to perform our work without paper.

Contact us or schedule your appointment via the company website.

Contact U.S. Tax Consultants:
Phone: +34 915 194 392
Email: info@ustaxconsultants.net
Web: www.ustaxconsultants.net

Are you a foreign resident on the Costa del Sol?
Do you want some exclusive treats? 


What is the What’s Hot Loyalty Card?
The What’s Hot Loyalty Card is an El Corte Inglés service and entitles you to exclusive offers, discounts and incentives all along the Costa del Sol. Best of all it is 100% FREE! So don’t wait another second, join today!

Where and how to sign up?
Sign up on-line at www.whatshot.es or request an Application Form at El Corte Inglés shopping centres of Puerto Banús, Marbella, Mijas and Málaga.
For more information, please contact us at email: whatshot@elcorteingles.es  or phone: + 34 649 694 263

How does it work?
Save up to 12% in more than 30 supermarkets when purchasing at selected departments of Supercor, Supercor Exprés, Hipercor and Supermercado. Additionally, save up to 30% at selected brands and services at El Corte Inglés!

Where to spend your Savings?
Your savings can be used on any What’s Hot Swipe & Save brand or service of your choice on your next purchase at any El Corte Inglés store on the Costa del Sol. All WH brands and services are listed on www.whatshot.es

Our team is constantly working to ensure you enjoy the best shopping experience providing you with fantastic discounts, services and privileges along the coast when using your card!
Check all offers & conditions at www.whatshot.es


Do you want to get the most out of your holiday rentals? Spanish Escapes is a place where you can advertise your vacation home on 20+ of the most heavily searched holiday sites and will strive to exceed yours and your guests’ expectations. The company has experienced a 20% growth in bookings and are rapidly becoming the go-to site for rental optimisation in Spain.

Where do you advertise?
We list and advertise properties via our synchronised multi-channel platform on the 20+ most popular sites offering holiday accommodation in Spain. We work closely with new property owners to offer holiday rental owners the reality of advertising through our multi-channel booking programme. We believe that the more visibility a property receives, equals more bookings and happier owners.

What other services do you offer?
Price reviews and other services are available from our property management partners which include; cleaning and laundry services, key holding, meet and greet and much more. Our new partner offering REAL Scandi Design will be happy to hear from you too!

If you want to be part of the booking revolution get in touch today.

Contact Spanish Escapes:
Phone: +34 627 750 021
Email: info@spanish-escapes.com
Web: www.spanish-escapes.com

Dr Leila Catherine Onbargi is an American, U.S. board certified gynecologist and obstetrician  who has been attending women at Centro Medico Teknon, a top private clinic in Spain for close to 25 years. She serves the English and French speaking expat communities in Barcelona, as well as the local Spanish and Catalan community.

What do you specialize in?
I have developed a highly respected and well known practice amongst the expat community that has now evolved to focus mostly on gynecological care, gynecological cancer screening and treatment, infertility, the special needs of peri- and post-menopausal patients, pelvic floor and incontinence treatments, and the increasing demand for vaginal rejuvenation procedures.

Who do you help?
We provide comprehensive women´s health care that begins in adolescence, right through to women in their reproductive years and then well into the menopause. Our goal is to offer expert and personalized multilingual healthcare for women at all stages in their lives.

Please refer to the website for further information about services.

Contact Dr. Onbargi at Centro Medico Teknon:
Phone: +34 93 393 31 61
Email: dr.onbargi@gmail.com
Web: www.teknon.es/en/especialidades/onbargi-leila-catherine


Having worked with expats as a financial adviser for the past twelve years, Russell Hammond is an expert in his field. So much so that he was recently featured as a Top Rated adviser in the Daily Telegraph, with the UK financial advice review platform ‘VouchedFor’. Joining AES International 7 years ago, was a stepping stone to working at one of the best global adviser firms in Europe and the Middle East, advising clients worldwide. We spoke to Russell about the company and what makes them the best.

What makes AES International different?
Historically, the International Financial Services market has been characterised by the sale of expensive, high adviser commission investment vehicles with little in the way of service provided post initial sale. Within AES, we offer something radically different to this. Crucially, we are fee based and NOT commission based. We do not take commission from the investment providers or any of the underlying funds, therefore we use the lowest cost charging structures available. Our charges normally calculate at around 50%-75% less than our international competitors with no lock in periods and no exit penalties, thus complete flexibility to move in and out of arrangements without impediment. We’re the only Chartered Financial Planning firm that works with international expats.

What support and advice do you offer?
There are a lot of very dissatisfied expatriate investors out there. Why is this? One word – commission. It incentivises the adviser to get the initial sale, but then pays the adviser nothing to service and look after the client over the months and years to come. That is why we will often come across individuals who had a great relationship with their adviser initially, and then hearing nothing from year two onwards. As we do not take any commission, we only get paid for as long as our clients continue to be happy with what it is that we’re doing for them. Also, because our fee (1% -1.25% per annum) is based on the value of our clients underlying investments, the more money that they make, the more we get as fee income. It is what you would call, a perfect partnership. It puts the client first, but then ultimately provides a much better business outcome for us.

We will happily take on clients from other advisers who feel like they’ve been ‘cast adrift’ and can almost always recommend improvements to reduce their costs and improve the prognosis for their investment return. We do not charge any fees for initial meetings, and through the use of Go-To-Meeting, we can work with clients worldwide.

Contact us today for a private meeting.

Contact Russell at AES International:
Phone: +44 (0) 754 5060690
Email: russell.hammond@aesinternational.com
Web: www.aesadviser.com/locations

Being an expat in a new city is not always easy and it involves a lot of time and effort. This is where Being Barcelona can help! Their mission is to avoid the hassle for people that are coming to Barcelona. They will literally be your right hand and your local contact, and trust that they know the city extremely well and can help with any initial problems that could occur.

Relocation Services
We will make your adaption process smooth and guide you until you are fully installed. Choosing the right neighbourhood, finding the right apartment, contracting the best services for you, helping you through the “drive me crazy” bureaucracy. With our help, everything will go faster and we will save you a lot of time.

Concierge Services
A concierge service offers today’s most priceless commodity – your time!! Nowadays we all feel more pressure for time than ever before: Long hours at work, time with our families, and having a social life. There is less time for all the tasks we must do, often causing stress and anxiety. With our great experience and knowledge of Barcelona and all it offers, we will help you find the best package for your group or company.

Let us be the one to help you do the things you don’t have time to do yourself!

Contact Being Barcelona:
Phone: +34 635 805 797
Email: info@beingbarcelona.com
Web: www.beingbarcelona.com

If you are looking for the best value car or motorcycle insurance, private health or dental plans or even household insurance, EU Insurance Direct will make things simple and smooth for you. You will be surprised at how reasonable the company’s premiums are and will receive the very best service and advice from Wendy Codd and her friendly English team in Marbella.

What insurance plans do you provide?
We offer several Health Insurance options to suit your needs and provide Private Health Plans to suit any budget, which can be limited to Spain or to the whole of Europe or Worldwide. AXA and DKV Health Insurance provides you the very best services for your health, offering 24-hour medical care. We also provide Dental Insurance. With Car Insurance we have a choice of fully comprehensive with or without excess, 3rd Party Fire and Theft, Total loss or Third Party only. Other insurance policies we assist in are Life Insurance, Home, Business, Pets, Golf, Motorcycle, Boats and Travel Insurance.

What people have said about us:
“I have used EU for 10 years both business and private. They give a fantastic service. Any claims passed straight through to the insurer and always a fast efficient and well-priced service.”

“Excellent service as always from Wendy who lives to get a better quote for you. Very few companies on the coast have service like this.”

Contact us today for a quote.

Contact EU Insurance Direct:
Phone: +34 952 830 843 | +34 635 592 610 | +34 951 080 118
Email: info@euinsurancedirect.com
Web: www.euinsurancedirect.com


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